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New preview of a horror shoot we did

10. 02. 2016

Here is a sneak peek of a shoot we did recently!

How do you like the look!



Support my New Movie Role - City of the Dead

10. 02. 2016

This Kickstarter campaign would be for the first episode in the web series

Titled "Dance of Death" it involves Candy, the hero, who fights her way out of an outbreak happening while performing her show.

She then has to fight to survive and get out while the infected run wild in the trapped building. Every second matters.

With every bite or scratch the victims begins to turn into the infected. She is not alone in this battle the shows security will help her fight. Choosing who to protect and save is the dilemma. Can she make it out alive?

Please help support the movie and get this going!!!


I have a new snapchat - Nikki Lennarson

09. 19. 2016
Add me on snapchat for pics!!

Filming for a new music video!

09. 20. 2016
This weekend was a blast! I got to help out a good friend and participate in her new music video! Details and behind the scenes coming soon!

What I did on my Fourth of July :) no huge fish, but out at the summer home for 10 days! Fingers crossed for some monsters!

07. 20. 2016

The new Ledfoot News finally published here are the pics you have all been waiting for!!

07. 20. 2016

Had a blast at hot import nights chicago last night!!!!

07. 20. 2016
One of my favorite times....HIN CHicago

Throwback to my Maxim Magazine days

06. 10. 2016
A little throwback to when I was in the Hometown Hotties contest for Maxim Magazine!

Give a man a woman who likes cars; he will be happy for life!

06. 06. 2016
Give a man a car; and he will be happy for the day
Give a man a woman; and he will be happy for the night
Give a man a woman who likes cars; he will be happy for life!

Take me back to automotion weekend in the dells!!!!

06. 01. 2016

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